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The 5 Best Angular Courses and Certification Online

Angular Certification

Top Angular Certification Programs

This article covers everything you need to know about becoming an AngularJS developer, the front-end framework for building Single Page Applications (SPAs). So if you have an interest in creating applications for the web, this article will help you decide which Angular certification is best for you.

Our Top 5 Picks

Angular Learning Path
Best overall Angular courses
The Angular Certification Training Course
Best general-purpose Angular certification
Angular Certificate
Best hands-on Angular certificate
Hong Kong University
Full Stack Web Development with Angular Specialization
Best for hybrid Angular development
Johns Hopkins
Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS
Best introductory course to Angular

1. Angular Learning Path (Pluralsight)


Get the skills you need to be successful in Angular. In the Angular Learning Path from Pluralsight, you will learn the latest features of Angular and gain a thorough understanding of how to build a production-ready Angular application.

First, you’ll get started creating components and user interfaces. Secondly, you’ll familiarize yourself with creating Angular forms and working with the Angular command-line interface (CLI). Finally, you’ll get into more advanced concepts like learning unit testing and Angular architecture.

Skills Acquired

  • Angular Concepts
  • Angular CLI
  • Forms
  • Routing
  • Services
  • Components
  • Dependency Injection
  • Unit Testing
  • Advanced Workflows
  • Styling

INFORMATION: This 18-course program contains 66 hours of coursework.

2. The Angular Certification Training Course (SimpliLearn)

Simplilearn Logo

Get certified in Angular. Simplilearn’s Angular certification will teach you how to implement single-page applications using Angular. As an added benefit, you’ll also get to learn about other skills such as custom pipes, unit testing, and dependency injections.

Through various hands-on projects, you’ll gain a solid understanding of how Angular facilitates development through TypeScript and Bootstrap. Easily improve your Angular skills with SimpliLearn’s Angular Certificate and advance your career.

Course Projects

  1. Online Web Test Application – In this project, developers will learn to quickly and easily create an online web test application in Angular.
  2. Online Employee Management Application – Create an application that you can easily manage your employees. CRUD is an abbreviation for Create, Read, Update, and Delete, which are the four basic actions that can be performed in an online form. This project teaches you how to apply CRUD to a web application by using Angular and Bootstrap.
  3. User Authentication System – With a user authentication system, you are able to create an easy and secure login and registration process that is easy to maintain. During this project, you will build a user authentication system with Angular, NodeJS, CRUD, and Bootstrap.

Skills Acquired

  • User Authentication System
  • Typescript
  • Unit Testing
  • Custom Pipes
  • Command Line Interface
  • NodeJS
  • CRUD
  • Bootstrap
  • Service Dependency Injection

PREREQUISITES: This program contains three industry-based projects and a free JavaScript training course.

3. Angular Certificate (Codecademy)

Codecademy Logo

This program is the first step to becoming a professional Angular developer. Learn the fundamentals of Angular and build a single-page web application from scratch.

Throughout the program, you’ll explore directives, services, and routing. By the end of the Angular Certificate, you’ll be more proficient with this popular open-source JavaScript framework, and be able to build single-page web applications.

Skills Acquired

  • AngularJS
  • Directives
  • Services
  • Routing
  • Application Development
  • UI Components

INFORMATION: This 5-course program contains 15 hours of coursework.

4. Full Stack Web Development with Angular Specialization (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Hong Kong University Science and Technology

With the Full Stack Web Development with Angular Specialization, you can get the skills to build complete web and hybrid mobile solutions in 3 online courses.

This comprehensive course will take you from Angular fundamentals to advanced Angular techniques, including best practices, design patterns, and backend server considerations. Get the professional skills you need with this Angular certification.

Skills Acquired

  • Angular
  • Bootstrap (Front-End Framework)
  • SASS (Stylesheet Language)
  • Routing
  • Typescript
  • Express.Js
  • Node.Js

INFORMATION: This intermediate-level program consists of 3 courses and takes approximately 3 months to complete.

5. Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS (Johns Hopkins University)

Johns Hopkins University

Get the knowledge, resources, and skills to build single-page web applications with AngularJS. In the Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS course from Johns Hopkins University, you’ll first get an introduction to AngularJS.

Next, you’ll get a walk-through using filters, digest cycles, controller inheritance, and custom services. Finally, you’ll work with promises, Ajax, custom directives, components, events, modules, and routing.

Skills Acquired

  • AngularJS
  • Unit Testing
  • JavaScript
  • Web Development
  • Single Page Application (SPA)

INFORMATION: This intermediate course contains 47 hours of coursework.

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