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The 3 Best Azure DevOps Certification and Courses

Azure DevOps Certification

Top 3 Azure DevOps Certification Programs

It can be challenging to get started with DevOps because of the vast variety of tools and processes available. Azure DevOps certification helps software professionals who are new to DevOps or looking to advance their skills in the practice of DevOps. This guide covers everything you need to know about the various Azure DevOps certification programs.

Our Top 3 Picks

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Microsoft Azure Cloud DevOps Engineer Nanodegree
Best overall Azure Cloud DevOps certificate
Get Started on a DevOps Transformation Journey
Best introductory Azure DevOps course
Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions
Exam for Azure DevOps

1. Microsoft Azure Cloud DevOps Engineer Nanodegree (Udacity)

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Get started with the Microsoft Azure Cloud DevOps Nanodegree and develop your skills in the quickest way possible. This program covers a lot of ground including Azure infrastructure operations, Agile development, and quality release assurance.

Get ahead of your competition and learn how to develop, deploy, and manage cloud-based applications on Microsoft Azure. By the end of this program, you will gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in Microsoft’s AZ-400 DevOps Engineer Expert certification exam.


  1. Azure Infrastructure Operations – Get ahead with the latest DevOps practices and technologies in Microsoft Azure with higher uptimes. In this course, you’ll learn about how to develop secure infrastructure solutions for repeatable and robust deployments in Azure.
  2. Agile Development with Azure – Learn how to use DevOps principles to automate your projects and get them up and running. With the Azure Course, you’ll learn how to use Python for continuous integration, testing, and deployment. It will also cover best practices for Azure pipelines using Couple Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) with Continuous Delivery.
  3. Ensuring Quality Releases (Quality Assurance) – Learn how to use different types of test suites to evaluate the quality of your releases. This will help you identify potential issues before they become serious issues and take corrective action. You’ll also learn how to build a systemic application monitoring process that uses Azure Monitor and Azure Log Analytics to monitor and manage releases.

Skills Acquired

  • Azure Infrastructure Operations
  • Agile Development
  • Automated Deployment
  • Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC)
  • Azure Pipelines
  • Pylint
  • Pytest
  • Flask
  • Azure App Services
  • Quality Assurance
  • Selenium
  • Postman
  • Azure Log Analytics
  • Azure Monitor

PREREQUISITES: This program requires intermediate skills in JavaScript programming and familiarity with Linux shell scripting and cloud concepts.

2. AZ-400: Get Started on a DevOps Transformation Journey (Microsoft)


The AZ-400: Get Started on a DevOps Transformation Journey learning path provides you with the knowledge and skills to start planning your DevOps journey.

Throughout this path developed by Microsoft, you will understand DevOps and DevOps tools, practices, and processes. Finally, you will learn about source control, Azure Repos and GitHub.


  1. Introduction to DevOps – Get started on your DevOps transformation journey today with this comprehensive course.
  2. Choose the Right Project – Get a clear understanding of the DevOps process and tools so you can make the best decisions for your organization. This module will help you choose the right project.
  3. Describe Team Structures – Understand agile development methods and how to collaborate effectively with other teams. This module will help you define and configure teams and tools for collaboration so that everyone can work effectively together.
  4. Choose the DevOps Tools – Learn how to create, manage and use Azure DevOps tools, and choose the appropriate GitHub tool for your organization.
  5. Plan Agile with GitHub Projects and Azure Boards – Take this course to learn how to plan, manage and deploy your agile projects with GitHub Projects and Azure Boards. You will learn how to connect Azure Boards and GitHub projects, configure project views, and manage work with GitHub Projects.
  6. Introduction to Source Control – Get a foundation for managing your source control systems, and better understand the benefits of using source control for your business.
  7. Describe Types of Source Control Systems – Get a better understanding of Git, the source control system, and its use cases. This module will help you determine the right Git utilization for your project.
  8. Work with Azure Repos and GitHub – Get up to speed with Azure Repos and GitHub. Learn how to work with code repositories and code management tools, and create and manage your development environment.

Skills Acquired

  • Azure DevOps
  • Agile Development
  • GitHub
  • Azure Boards
  • Source Control
  • Azure Repos

PREREQUISITES: This program has no prerequisites.

3. Exam AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions (Microsoft)


Get the skills you need to design and implement Microsoft DevOps solutions. Our exam is tailored to measure your ability to design, implement, and monitor DevOps solutions.

Exam AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions will test you on source control, building pipelines, developing a compliance plan, and more.

Skills Required

  1. Design and implement build and release pipelines (40 to 45%)
  2. Design and implement source control (15 to 20%)
  3. Configure processes and communications (10 to 15%)
  4. Develop a security and compliance plan (10 to 15%)
  5. Implement an instrumentation strategy (10 to 15%)

PREREQUISITES: This exam requires a strong background in Azure DevOps and GitHub.

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