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The 6 Best JavaScript Courses and Certification Online

JavaScript Certification

Top JavaScript Certification Programs

JavaScript is everywhere on the web these days. If you don’t know JavaScript yet, it’s a great time to learn it because there are so many opportunities. But the downside is that it has a bit of a steep learning curve and requires time and dedication to master.

That being said, it does not mean that you cannot become an expert in this language. It just takes time and patience. Fortunately, there are several JavaScript certification programs that can help accelerate your career as a JavaScript developer.

Our Top 6 Picks

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Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree
Best overall JavaScript certification
Learn JavaScript Certification
Best hands-on JavaScript certificate
JavaScript Core Language Learning Path
Best for learning JavaScript basics
JavaScript for Beginners Specialization
Best introductory JavaScript courses
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Introduction to JavaScript
Best JavaScript free course
JavaScript Security Specialization
Best for learning JavaScript security

1. Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree (Udacity)

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Learn the basics of JavaScript and build a solid foundation for more advanced roles in web development, server-side application development, and desktop development.

Learn the essential JavaScript skills you need to succeed, and build a foundation with the Intermediate JavaScript Nanodegree. Unlock your potential with the skills that so many employers are looking for.

Course Projects

  1. Object-Oriented JavaScript – Write your own JavaScript and reuse code blocks. With the object-oriented programming course, you will learn how to write JavaScript that can be easily reused in other projects.
  2. Functional Programming – Get started with functional programming and learn how this paradigm is changing the nature of software development. Explore JavaScript in-depth and explore the modern JavaScript syntax that will allow you to take advantage of these concepts in your everyday JavaScript programs.
  3. Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript– Learning how to handle asynchronous programming in JavaScript will make it easier for you to build responsive applications. In this course, you’ll explore core concepts like callbacks and Promises.

Skills Acquired

  • JavaScript
  • Object-Oriented Concepts
  • Classes
  • Prototypal Inheritance
  • Secure Coding
  • Functional Programming
  • Dashboards
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Promises
  • Callbacks
  • Async/Await

PREREQUISITES: This program requires a basic understanding of JavaScript.

2. Learn JavaScript Certification (Codecademy)

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Take your first steps in learning JavaScript with the Learn JavaScript Certification program from Codecademy. We will teach you the basics of the language so that you can build dynamic websites and applications.

The JavaScript certification program from Codecademy has a clear focus on learning by actually coding in the browser. This makes it the perfect way to gain the skills and knowledge you need to work with JavaScript in the real world.

Course Projects

  1. Introduction – This course will teach you about the basics of JavaScript, from data types to built-in methods. You will also learn about variables and how to use them in your code.
  2. Conditionals – Learn how to conditionally control your programs, making them run more efficiently. In this course, you will learn how to use if, else if, else switch, ternary syntax, and other control techniques to sequence programming code.
  3. Functions – Take the first step in learning JavaScript and see how to pass data to functions, return values, and use arrow functions. This course is designed for anyone just getting started with functions.
  4. Scope – Learn all you need to know about global and block-level scope in JavaScript. You will be able to use this knowledge to develop better code in the context of execution.
  5. Arrays – You will learn how to use arrays in JavaScript, and how to manipulate and use them to store data.
  6. Loops – You will learn how to use for and while loops to execute blocks of code multiple times such as looping to find a value in a given array or until a certain condition is met.
  7. Iterators – In the context of looping, you will use iterators to enable you to loop over a sequence of values.
  8. Objects – Learn how to create and manage objects in JavaScript. This course is designed for developers who want to start with object-oriented programming.

Skills Acquired

  • JavaScript
  • Object-Oriented Concepts
  • Conditionals
  • Functions
  • Scope
  • Arrays
  • Loops
  • Iterators
  • Objects
  • JavaScript Syntax

PREREQUISITES: This program prepares you for front-end or back-end web development and takes approximately 20 hours to complete. You will earn a certification of completion.

3. JavaScript Core Language Learning Path (Pluralsight)


If you are new to JavaScript and want to learn the basics and more, the JavaScript Core Language Learning Path from Pluralsight is for you. This 10-course program contains 16 hours of coursework.

Start coding with JavaScript and learn the JavaScript language, from basic syntax to advanced topics like promises, asynchronous programming, proxies, and reflection. Finally, you’ll learn concepts like security best practices and asynchronous programming.

Skills Acquired

  • JavaScript
  • Promises
  • Synchronous Programming
  • Proxies
  • Reflection
  • Syntax & Operators
  • Variables & Types
  • Objects, Prototypes, and Classes
  • Functions
  • Arrays + Collections
  • Generators & Iterators
  • JavaScript Modules
  • Best Practices

INFORMATION: This program contains 10 courses with 16 hours of material.

4. JavaScript for Beginners Specialization (UC Davis)


JavaScript is a programming language that is used to design interactive websites and web applications. The JavaScript for Beginners Specialization includes video lessons, quizzes, and exercises to help you get a better understanding of JavaScript and jQuery.

First, you’ll learn the basics of JavaScript including syntax, control structures, and working with the code editor. Secondly, you’ll explore concepts like animations, interactivity, and data manipulation. By the end, you’ll have enough proficiency in JavaScript to start a journey to becoming a programmer.

Skills Acquired

  • JavaScript
  • Web Interactivity
  • jQuery
  • Data Manipulation
  • Animations
  • DOM Manipulation
  • Asynchronous Functions
  • Arrow Functions
  • Form Validation

INFORMATION: This beginner-level specialization contains 4 skill-building courses and takes 4 months to complete.

5. Introduction to JavaScript (Udacity)

Udacity Logo

JavaScript is a programming language that can be used to make websites more interactive. With this free Introduction to JavaScript course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of JavaScript syntax and have the opportunity to interact with JavaScript in a variety of ways.

Get the JavaScript knowledge you need to start coding today. This course is perfect for beginners, but it’s not just for beginners. You’ll learn all the basics of JavaScript from scratch, from variable declaration to loops and functions.

Skills Acquired

  • JavaScript
  • Code Syntax
  • Data Types
  • Conditionals
  • Variables
  • Loops
  • Writing Functions
  • Arrays
  • Objects

INFORMATION: This free course contains 7 lessons and takes approximately 2 weeks to complete.

6. JavaScript Security Specialization (Infosec)


This JavaScript Security Specialization will equip you with the skills to investigate and prevent JavaScript-related attacks while teaching you how to build safer applications.

This specialization is a uniquely structured curriculum that gives you the skills and knowledge including JavaScript remote code execution, serverless JavaScript, and web developer desktop security.

Skills Acquired

  • JavaScript
  • Secure Coding
  • Node.JS
  • JavaScript Security
  • Remote Code Execution
  • Browser Security
  • Serverless Javascript
  • Prototype Pollution

INFORMATION: This specialization contains 4 courses and takes 3 months to complete.

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