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Udacity IoT Developer Nanodegree

Udacity IoT Developer Nanodegree

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Udacity IoT Developer Nanodegree

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With the Udacity IoT Developer Nanodegree, you’ll learn to create innovative, artificial intelligence (AI) applications for the Internet of Things. Gain a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies in computer vision and deep learning that will prepare you to excel in the rapidly changing world of robotics, augmented reality (AR), and more.

This Nanodegree program is the only one of its kind and is built for developers who want to build and deploy high-performance AI applications using the OpenVINO™ Toolkit. In collaboration with Intel, you will earn credentials with Udacity and take your skills to a new level as you develop your own AI application.

  • Edge AI Fundamentals
  • Hardware
  • Optimization Techniques and Tools
  • OpenVINO™
  • Deep Learning Application Deployment
  • Deep Learning Applications
  • Computer Vision

The Udacity IoT Developer Nanodegree provides you with the knowledge and experience necessary to optimize and troubleshoot deep learning models to enhance Edge AI applications.

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Ranked #1 in IoT Certification Courses

Key Features

  • Course content is in collaboration with Intel
  • Learn OpenVINO™, Edge fundamentals, hardware, computer vision, and more
  • Receive project feedback and obtain career services


Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Udacity IoT Developer Nanodegree.

  • Promote Entrepreneurship Opportunities: There will be a huge demand for talented professionals to support the development of new businesses based on internet-connected devices or digital service platforms oriented toward this future generation. This program provides a valuable educational micro-credential that can equip students with skills required by employers.
  • Excellent Curriculum Content & Resources: This nanodegree has excellent curricular material with highly qualified instructors who have industry experience.
  • Ready Job Market In This Field: There are always a number of people who want to get into the IoT business but they don’t know how to start. If they have a nanodegree, it will be easier to get started as you progress through the coursework.

Course Material

Build a career in the exciting world of cutting-edge Edge AI applications for the future of the Internet of Things. The Udacity IOT Developer Nanodegree is an immersive, industry-focused program that will teach you the skills you need to build and deploy high-performance applications in the realm of IoT.

  1. Edge AI Fundamentals with OpenVINO™ – Get started with computer vision inferencing quickly and easily. Edge AI Fundamentals with OpenVINO™ Course will teach you the fundamentals of computer vision and help you build your own custom model.
  2. Hardware for Computer Vision & Deep Learning Application Deployment – This course teaches you how to identify the right hardware for deep learning and computer vision applications, and teaches you how to test models through the Intel® DevCloud.
  3. Optimization Techniques and Tools for Computer Vision & Deep Learning Applications – Get the tools you need to identify potential optimization techniques and improve the performance of your deep learning and computer vision application.

Get hands-on experience with various hardware types and software tools in the Udacity IOT Developer Nanodegree. This program is designed to be one of the most comprehensive and efficient ways to learn the foundational knowledge needed to become an IoT Developer.

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Course Projects

From the Udacity IOT Developer Nanodegree, you will learn the relevant skills needed to build a career in the cutting-edge field of artificial intelligence and the internet of things. Additionally, you will gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of computer vision and deep learning through the development of AI applications.

  • Deploy a People Counter at the Edge – In this project, you will deploy a person detection model with a range of parameters to investigate how many people are and the time spent in a scene.
  • Design a Smart Queuing System – Learn about the Intel® DevCloud for the Edge as an application development environment that helps you design, test, and deploy your custom queuing system.
  • Build a Computer Pointer Controller – Create a computer pointer controller that is controlled using your eye gaze with the OpenVINO™ toolkit.
Gain skills and mastery in the cutting-edge IoT space. Intel partnered with Udacity to offer the IoT Developer Nanodegree program which will teach you the skills needed to be a successful IoT developer.

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  • PREREQUISITES: This nanodegree program has prerequisites in deep learning, Python, computer vision, machine learning, and AI modeling.

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